It's Christmas... Wait, Why Are We Celebrating?

It's that time of year again: Christmas. The schedule-cramming, present-shopping, belly-filling, heart-warming, hallmark movie-watching, gift-giving, celebratory time of the year. 
I am sitting here, finally home from school after a wonderful-yet-long and tiresome semester, finished with exams, and all I want to do it spend time with my family, ride horses, go to the gym, drink coffee, color in my coloring book (I feel you judging--stop that), watch Christmas movies, and cook.

But as I am sitting here this morning, reading my Bible, these two little pups stuck to me like glue, I am reminded of something.
This is the time of year that Christians all over the globe celebrate the birth of a little baby. Nevermind that Jesus was not actually born in December, he received no presents at that time for the wise men did not arrive until later, and Christmas itself used to be a pagan holiday that Christians thought they should cover it up, add Jesus, and claim for themselves.

Now, in no way am I dissing Christmas. I love Christmas, and, as I previously stated, I love each aspect of Christmas--the lights, the family time, the Christmas movies, the decorations, the emphasis on giving--it's all wonderful, and I think, as Christians, we should celebrate the birth of our Saviour, be it on his actual birthday or not. 

All that being said, God reminded me this morning of who exactly we are celebrating. We are not celebrating just the little baby, but how that little baby would completely change the course of history.

Jesus was not just a little baby in a rickety shelter in Bethlehem. According to Hebrews 1, that little baby was:

  • The heir of all things, meaning He will inherit the entire universe Verse 2
  • The Creator of the world (the world was created through him) Verse 2
  • The radiance (the illumination, the reflection, the magnifier) of God's glory Verse 3
  • The exact imprint of God's nature Verse 3
  • The reparation for the wickedness of all mankind. Reconciled us to God through the sacrifice of his own life Verse 3
  • Seated at the right hand of the Father Verse 3
  • Superior to the angels Verse 4
  • Worshipped by all of the angels Verse 6
  • His kingdom is established for all of eternity Verse 8
  • He reigns with righteousness, there is no wickedness or injustice in his rule Verse 8
  • The heavens are his art project, the work of his hands Verse 10
  • He will remain forever Verse 10-12
This is the One we are celebrating this Christmas. He wasn't merely a helpless baby who would one day grow up to do some good to the world; he was Almighty God who chose to set aside his kingly robes and have all of his fullness, radiance, and majesty condensed into the form of a weak, vulnerable, humble little baby. He chose to do that for us.

So, this Christmas, I celebrate. I look back on the eternal God who entered time and began a human life so I could have a new eternal life in him. I celebrate not a helpless baby but this all-powerful, wonderful, life-giving, all-creating Jesus who came to this earth for me.

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