A Letter from Our Father

It's finals week, and we all know what that means: stress.

and starbucks.
Stress and starbucks.

At this moment, some of us are facing difficult finals, complicated home lives, lack of funds for next semester, anxiety about coming internships, family problems, relationship turmoil, frustration and fear about the future, discontentedness in the present, etc. This life poses a whole host of problems that seemingly never end.

But in the midst of whatever mental, emotional, relational, or spiritual hurricane we may be in, we have a hope.

A Letter from Our Father

               Don’t get discouraged, my child, because, at this moment, you cannot see the finish line. Your seeing the finish line is not necessary; you have Me to guide you, and I know where it is.

You are safe.

               Trust me; my plans for you are good. I don’t want to harm you; I want to prosper you and give you a hope and a future. And yes, I know sometimes you worry, and you even stop running this race, but don’t be overwhelmed; keep your eyes on me, instead of constantly seeking the finish line. And when you do stop running, or even when you turn around start running in the wrong direction, know that I stand here, right in the place you veered off, and I am waiting for you—my mercies are new every morning. I am the Faithful God; I will not fail you. I will never leave you nor forsake you.

                You are my child. In fact, I love you so much that I sent my Son to sacrifice himself for you, so you can have eternal life with me. I love you, and I have chosen you before the foundations of the world. I knew you in your Mother’s womb. I have plans for you, beloved. Just trust me; I am a lamp to your feet and a light to your path. There is no darkness with me. You may not always know where we are going, but cling to me, for I know. You are special to me, my child, and I have loved you with an everlasting love.

                Now when you have needs, concerns, worries, just tell me; let me handle them. In exchange for your worries, I will give you my peace that goes beyond anything that you can even comprehend; it’s the peace that resides in my heart. I will give it to you if you just trust me to handle your problems. Peace and worry cannot coexist in your heart at the same time, so give me your worries and I will give you my peace. Rest in me, my child, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

                I love you, and the love I have for you is better than the ‘love’ of the world. I love you with an all-consuming, everlasting love. I AM better than the world, and better than everything they claim to offer. They have peace? Mine is deeper. They have happiness? Mine is lasting. They have comfort? I have comfort that doesn’t rise and fall with your income. They have fun and adventure? I am calling you to the ride of your life, and after that, eternity in paradise. I am better, my child. The very best the world can offer is at most a pathetic distortion of what I have intended for you. Just give me your cares. Throw them on me, really though, I can take it. I am Yahweh, the living God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Give me your cares, and I will give you new life. I am life, so I have the power to give it. I am the Way, so I know the Way you should walk. And don’t get caught up believing the lies and perversions of the truth the world throws at you. I AM the truth, and as we walk together, I will show you truth, and this truth will free you from the doubts and lies of this world.

                I know you intimately, and I know you feel weary, overwhelmed, and burdened. Let me give you rest.

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