That Sleepless Night

It's 4:33 AM and I can't sleep.
I got up about an hour ago, and now I can't go back to bed. I've been laying here for the past hour making mental notes and lists in my head, so I figured I would at least write some of it down. You see, I have this problem of not being able to go to sleep because I'm making mental lists of things I need to do, and then I can't sleep because I'm afraid I'm going to forget the things I've made mental notes about since it's only in my head, and I haven't written them down.

I've got a bad sinus headache, I've had it for about the past 3 or 4 days, and it won't go away: I'm pretty sure that's the cause of my sleeplessness; yippee! Fun stuff, right?
Anyway, just thought I would let everyone know I'm thinking about them and happy Valentines Day.

As I was laying here, God gave me a beautiful new look at John 3:16-
[The Lauren paraphrase]
For God was so overcome with a passion for for his creation, that He sacrificed HIS most prized possession, in order that He could spend the rest of eternity with those whom he loved so much.

It delighted God to make a way for us. I've always thought of that verse through human eyes: that it benefited US to spend all of eternity with Him. And while it is a great and glorious opportunity that He has given us to spend eternity with him, He did it for Himself too!
He didn't just sacrifice Jesus for us, He did it because He wanted that pleasure of being with us because He loves US!
That is so humbling; I had never really thought of it that way before.

On the other hand, the God of the Universe that is not entitled to put anyone before himself-- he has no reason or need to be selfless, because He DESERVES all of our attention and devotion: His "selfishness" is just--
He momentarily sacrificed something that was endeared to Him that we may benefit from His loss.

It's really a win-win situation, but we are talking about God here, right?

Anyway, just thought I would share that with you guys.
Well, I am still not sleepy, so I am going to proceed to tell you about my life.


Sooooooo, my life, hmmm.
Oh!!! Baby goats! We officially have two twin baby goats! I am really sad that I wasn't home to see them, but my family sent me plenty of pictures!

Yea, that just happened.

Well, in addition to the two precious little goats being born at home,
Well, we got about 15 inches of snow up here, meaning we didn't have school on Thursday, and we are not having school today [Friday] either.

It was actually a little humorous. There was a guy shoveling snow (he was ON a tractor) and he actually got stuck because the snow was so deep.

Poor Guy.

But getting out of school was quite nice; it is kind of like a winter "Fall break" because we're out of school Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Side note: have you ever thought about how ironic the term "fall break" is? Usually, when the words "fall" and "break" come together in a sentence it denotes a very negative connotation. (i.e. The old woman constantly "falls" and "breaks" something, whether it a part of her anatomy or a piece of her vase collection.)
Side note number 2: Have you ever thought about the morbid meaning behind the lullaby "Rockabye Baby." Whoever wrote that song must have had serious parental issues. Why did parents start singing it to their children anyway? "Oh, I want my precious little baby to go to sleep, I should sing to him (or her) about another little baby falling out a a tree top when his crib breaks." Hmmm, good idea.

Anyway, yesterday was pretty good. I really didn't do much, but today I am planning on baking some brownies and wrapping them in cute little packages and handing them out to the people who are playing in the snow. Hey, it's Valentines Day, I'm [happily] single, I like to bake, brownies are chocolate, and people like chocolate, especially on Valentines Day. Therefore, baking brownies is the only sensible conclusion.
It is officially 5:35 AM, and I have officially been up for nearly two hours and have yet to fall back asleep. I hope this Benadryl kicks in soon.
I'm going to try to go back to sleep now, "try" being the key word.

God is filled with an overflowing, passionate, exhuberant love for you this Valentine's day; you don't have to spend it alone.

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