Pumpkins and Providence

The Happenings of Yesterday:

My nerves are shot! Class registration opens tonight at 12:00 AM (so I guess it would be the morning) and I am really hoping I can make it. Class at 7:40 each morning did not sound so bad when I was sitting at home, fully rested, trying to sort out my schedule. Albeit, it does allow more time during the day, but what is the point if that time is used taking naps...
Anyway, this weekend has been a good one; my crazy lovely family is visiting! It was so good to see them.
I woke up this morning. It was a coffee kind of morning... If you know what I mean.
So while I was having my morning "Cup O' Joe," I read my Bible.
Picture this: this couple is dancing an absolutely beautiful, intimate dance. The man is the teacher and the woman is the student; however, the woman, not willing to learn, tries to take the lead, causing the teacher to follow. This is exactly what happens when we live an unsurrendered life to the God of the universe. When we have a relationship with Him, yet refuse to give Him everything, we (who are merely students) are telling God that He does not know enough to be the Lead. Oh, well that puts things in perspective.

After that morning thought from God, we went to church, which was really good today. They were also handing out free pumpkins!

My Beauties and I

I like my pumpkins.

Then Panera Bread!
Chicken Noodle Soup + Asian Chicken Salad = utter deliciousness for 300 calories.
I also managed to take pictures of everyone's food but mine.
Apple Pecan Salad with French Onion Soup

Turkey and Avocado BLT on sourdough with Winter Squash Soup

And there is my weekend in about 57 seconds.

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